AC = Connaught       
LC = Loch Ce   
M = Four Masters   
MCB = MacCarthaigh   
U = Ulster   

    The English sustained a great defeat from Mageoghegan three thousand five hundred of them being slain in the contest, together with some of the Daltons, and the son of the Proud Knight.   

    Cu-coicrichi Mag Eocaga(i)n junior son of Cenal-Fiachaidh, was killed in treachery after going with the Bishop of Meath Ath-luain. And it was the person of the people of William Dalton that killed him with one thrust of a spear.  And nothing was done there. but that.   

    William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were killed by the Cenal-Fiachaidh and by Ua Mael(-Sh)echlainn.   

    William Dalton, and the Sheriff of Meath, were killed by the Cineal Fiachach and O Maelsechlainn.   

    William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were slain by the Kinel-Fiachach, and by O'Melaghlin..   

    Cucogry Oge Mageoghegan, Chief of Kinel-Fiachach, was treacherously slain after he had gone to Athlone with the Bishop of Meath: it was the Sinnach Mac Mearain (one of William Dalton's people) that killed him, with one thrust of a lance; and he Mac Mearain himself was afterwards torn asunder, and his body was cut into small pieces, for this crime.   

    Philip, son of Nichol, ie. the Dalton, Lord of Westmeath died.   

    Owen Sinnach Fox, Tanist of Muintir-Tadhgain, was slain by the Daltons.   

    Niall, the son of Cucogry Oge Mageoghegan, materies of a lord of his tribe, was slain by William Dalton and his son.   

    Manus, the son of Hugh MacDermot, was also slain by the Daltons.   

    Niall, son of Cu Choicriche Og Mac Eochacain was killed by the D'Altons on the 5th of April.  This man was well qualified to be chieftain of his native land.   

    Heremon O'Melaghlin was slain by Magawley and the Daltons.   

    The castle of Miles Dalton was taken by the sons of Concobur, son of Cathal Ua Ferghail and given to Thomas, son of Cathal Ua Ferghail.   

    The Clan of John Ua Ferghail and Dalton made a joint war against the sons of Murchadh ua Ferghail. The stronghold of Ua Ferghail was attacked by the clan of John and the daughter of Mac William de Burgh, namely, the wife of Ua Ferghail, was taken prisoner therein.   

    Ambrose son of Walter son of Ristug Dalton was accidentally killed by Pierce Dalton's son.   

    A raid by Muiris son of Conchobhar [Ó Fearghail] on the son of William Dalton at Ceall Choinne.   

    The son of William Dalton, an excellent foreign youth, died of the same epidemic.   

    Edmund son of William Dalton was killed in Breaghmhuine, and Thomas son of John son of Filbug Dalton along with him—a sad event. Great raids were made by the Daltons on the Dillons because of this, and Druim Raithne and Dún na Móna were burned by them also.   

    Dillon, i.e. Maurice, was killed by the Daltons between his two castles, i.e. Dún na Móna and Druim Raithne—a sad event.   

    The castles of Druim Ráithe and Dún na Móna were taken by the Daltons   

    Ó Conchobhair Failghe made an attack on the Daltons and burned Comhrair, Baile an Tóchair, and Baile na Caradh.   

    A joint attack was made by Ó Ceallaigh, i.e. Maol Sheachlainn, king of Uí Mhaine, together with a host of Connachtmen, Ó Conchobhair Failghe, Cormac Ó Maoil Sheachlainn, and the men of Midhe against Dalton. They all assembled at Baile Locha Seimhdille, and they set fire to the district, including houses and corn, but Dalton's granary at Ráith Sgiach was valiantly defended against them by himself and a few others.   

    A great raid was made by the son of Pierce Dalton at Coill Phérais on Dalton, and he took many cows. The Daltons overtook him and Cormac Ó Maoil Sheachlainn at Cairtann, and they fought a valorous, doughty, venomous battle, and Pierce's son and many of his people were wounded, and Dalton and Hubert Dalton received grievous wounds from their own kin in that battle.   

    Numerous raids were made by the son of Pierce Dalton on the Galls, and he burned Sonnach, including houses and churches, and destroyed a great part of Oirmhidhe   

    Maurice, son of Piers Dalton, was killed by Muirchertach og (young) Mach Eochacain and Brian, son of O'Connor Failgi   

    Maurice, son of Piers Dalton, occisus est by Muirchertach Og Mac Eochagain, and by Brian, the son of O'Conchobhair Failghe.   

    A raid by the family of Hubert Dalton and by Nicholas Dalton on Calraighe.   

    Incursions by the Daltons and some of the people of Anghaile into Muinntear Thadhgáin against the family of Art Ó Maoil Sheachlainn, and a number of them were wounded, and they returned without gain.   

    The castle of Baile na Cloiche was built by the son of the son of Luke Dalton, i.e. Gerard.   

    The same Fearghal Ruadh conspired with the family of Maol Mórdha Ó Conchobhair Failghe on the border of Baile an Rátha, and they enticed the two sons of Dalton, i.e. Henry, into the conspiracy with them. They killed Filbín Dalton, the best youth of his age in Midhe for hospitality and power, and Nicholas [Dalton] was captured grievously wounded, after quarter was granted to him by Réigín son of Maol Mórdha.   

    Attacks by Ó Conchobhair Failghe and Cinéal Fiachach on the Daltons. They killed Mac an Réabaire, constable of Dalton's gallowglasses, and ten people along with him.   

    A treacherous foray by the son of the son of Éamann Ó Ceallaigh on the family of Hubert [Dalton], and he took many cows.   

    A foray by the people of Anghaile and the Uí Ghiollagáin on Miles Dalton at Forgnaidhe.   

    A great foray by Dalton and Ó Fearghail on Cinéal Fiachach, and they took twenty score cows, or a few more, and eight score horses.   

    Peace between Cinéal Fiachach and the Daltons.   

    An attack by Fearghal Ruadh Mac Eochagáin on Dalton's cattle-fold, and he, killed the daughter of Toirdhealbhach son of Conchobhar Ó Fearghail, and departed empty-handed.   

    Three successive attacks by Dalton on Cinéal Fiachach, and he burned and plundered the country extensively.   

    Attacks by the Daltons and Ó Maoil Sheachlainn on Cinéal Fiachach. They took many cows and killed twelve men or four times as many of the Sionnaigh, including the only son of Muircheartach Sionnach, and the son of Maol Mórdha son of the son of Diarmaid.   

    Numerous forays and attacks by the Daltons on Cinéal Fiachach.   

    A great war by Brian Ó Conchobhair, An Calbhach Ó Conchobhair, and Cinéal Fiachach on the Daltons, and they did much destruction, and burned Ráith Sgiach, i.e. the most flourishing town in Ireland in its time, i.e. Henry Dalton's town.   

    The castle of Imper was built by Andrew son of Henry son of Nicholas Dalton.   

    Miles Dalton was slain by the Daltons, and by the sons of Hubert Dalton.   

    A war between the Daltons themselves, i.e. between Dalton and Miles Dalton. Attacks were made by Dalton on Miles in the castle of Muileann Miadhacháin, and Miles Dalton was killed in the castle by a single arrow-shot, and the castle was captured by Dalton and handed over to Pierce son of Hubert Dalton. Loss of revenue and great weakness resulted to the descendants of Nicholas Dalton from this deed.   

    The church of Forgnaidhe was burned by the family of Robert Dalton, and Patrick's church at Imper was burned by the family of Miles Dalton, and it was after this that Miles Dalton was killed.   

    The same war continued between the Daltons, and the descendants of Nicholas Dalton left the country and went into Cinéal Fiachach mic Néill. Incursions were made by the Daltons and by Cathal son of Tomás Ó Fearghail into Cinéal Fiachach, and the Daltons and Cinéal Fiachach engaged each other. Cinéal Fiachach were defeated, Nicholas Cerr son of John Dalton was killed by the Daltons, and William son of John [Dalton] was captured by them. They went into the country after that and burned the house of Fearghal Ruadh Mac Eochagáin and Baile Í Bhraonáin, and attacked Baile Huiginn Í Bhraonáin. Cinéal Fiachach overtook them, but they defeated them, and three sons of Brian son of Domhnall Ó Fearghail were killed there, i.e. Maol Sheachlainn and Tomás Ruadh, and Cairbre son of Art Ó Maoil Sheachlainn was captured there.   

    Caisleán Nua was taken by the family of Conchobhar son of Cathal [Ó Fearghail] and the family of Tomás son of Cathal Ó Fearghail, and they divided Forgnaidhe between them with the consent of Dalton.   

    Incursions by Baron Hussey, i.e. the sheriff of Midhe, and the Daltons into Breaghmhuine, and Ó Maoil Sheachlainn, the [men of] Hussey, i.e. the sheriff of Midhe, and the Daltons into Breaghmhuine, and Ó Maoil Sheachlainn, the [men of] Breaghmhuine, and Dillon overtook them in the territory. They inflicted a defeat on the Galls, and people were killed, and twelve or thirteen horses were taken from them. Edmund son of Hubert Dalton was captured by D omhnall Ó Braoin on that occasion.   

    Myles Dalton was slain by his own near kinsmen; and his son was afterwards slain, and his castle demolished, by the descendants of Cathal O'Farrell   

    Miles Dalton occisus est a fratre suo; and his castle was afterwards broken down by the descendants of Cathal O'Ferghail.   

    Miles Dalton was killed by his brother and afterwards his castle was destroyed by the descendents of Cathal O'Fergail   

    John Stanley, the Deputy of the King of England, arrived in Ireland, a man who gave  neither mercy nor protection to clergy,  laity or men of science but subjected as many of them as he came upon to cold, hardship, and famine. It was he who plundered Niall, the son of Hugh O'Higgin, at Uisneach, in Meath. Henry Dalton, however, plundered James Tuite and the King's people, and gave the O'Higgins out of the preys then acquired a cow for each and every cow taken from them ,and afterwards escorted them to Connaught.  The O'Higgins, with Niall, then satirized John Stanley, who lived after this satire but five weeks, for he died of the  virulence of the lampoons. This was the second poetical miracle performed by  this Niall O'Higgin, the first being the discomfiture of the Clann-Conway the night they plundered Niall at Cladann; and the second, the death of John Stanley   

    The descendents of Thomas O Fergail were banished into Western Meath by Donnall O Fergail and Henry Dalton, Lord of Western Meath, sided with them.   

    The Pass of Kilcoursey was cut and leveled by Dalton and the descendents of Tomas.   

    O'Coffey, ie. Melaghlan, the son on Clasach O'Coffey, was slain by Edmond, the son of Hubert Dalton   

    William Dalton of Brawnie, son of Hubert, died   

    Fergal Oc Mag Eochacain was killed on St. Nicholas Day at the crossroads in Croughool by the son of the Baron of Delvin and the Sons of Piers, son of Pers Dalton, who were the children of his mother's brother.   

    Farrell Roe Oge, the son of Farrell Roe, the son of Donough, son of Murtough More Mageoghegan, a captain of great and celebrity was killed and beheaded at Cruach-abhall, by the son of the Baron of Delvin , and the grandsons of Pierce Dalton.  They carried his head to Trim and from thence to Dublin for exhibition; but it was (afterwards) brought back and buried along with the body in Durrow-Coluim-Chille   

    Ir, the son of Cathal Roe Mac Rannall, Tanist of his own territory, and worthy to become lord of it for his clemency and veracity died a week before Michaelmas; and in the same week Ir, the son of William MacRannall, was slain by Gilla-Glas Dillon, while was with his mother's brother, William Dalton.   

    Ir, son of Uilliam Mag Ragnaill was killed in Western Meath that same week with one javelin wound, by Gilla Glas Dillon in the presence of his mother's brother, William Dalton   

    Christopher Plunkett; Pierce, son of Pierce Dalton; James Oge, the son of James Dalton; and the son of Petit of Mullingar, ie. the Prior of Mullingar, died of the plague.   

    Christopher Plunket, Piers, son of Piers Dalton and James the Younger, son of James Dalton’s son were killed by the plague, and the Prior of Mullingar, namely Petit’s son, also died of it   

    John, the son of the Dalton, was slain by his own tribe.   

    A great rail by Tadc, son of Calbach (O Conchobair Failgi) on Cravagh by the Inny, in which more than twenty men and nearly forty of their packhorses were taken from them. Dalton, who insitigated the expedition, and Mag Eochacain were wounded, but Tadc carried off the prey.   

    A great attack was made by O'Kelly upon Muine-Liath. The English of Westmeath, viz., the Tuites, Petits, Tyrrels, Darcys and Daltons, came with him. O'Kelly was defeated; Donough O'Kelly and many others were taken prisoners and a party of their foot soldiers and kerns were slaves.   

AC 1472.12   
    O Cellaig made a great attack on the Moneylea. The Galls of Western Meath - Petits, Tyrrels, d'Arcy's and Dalton - caught up with them and O cellaig was defeated. Donnchad O Cellaig and many others were captured, and many of their footmen and mercenaries were killed.   

    O Domnaill made a circuit in Connacht and made peace between O Ruaire and O Raigillig. Thence he marched to Fenagh, where Mag Ragnaill met him and they both proceeded past Slaib Cairbe and through Mag Tethba and Moybrawne, and the Abbot of Lara was killed in their following by an arrowshot from Rathreagh. From here he passed westwards through Moybrawne and they rested and encamped that night at Caircne of Meath, where the Dillons and the Dalton came in and made peace with them. Thence he went on to Offaly and Cairbre of Leinster, where O Conchobair (Failgi) came to meet him. On the other part came Meath Galls, and the lands were destroyed in the fighting.  Peace was afterward made and ODomnaill returned home by way of Athlone.   

    A circuitous hosting was made by O'Donnell, ie. Hugh Roe, the son of Niall Garv, accompanied by Maguire, O'Rourke, and the chiefs of Lower Connaught. They proceeded first to Beal-atha-Chonaill, to rescue Brian, the son of Felim O'Reilly, who was O'Donnell's friend and confederate, and to make peace between O'Rourke and O'Reilly. O'Reilly came to Beal-atha-Chonaill to O'Donnell who reconciled O'Rourke and O'Reilly with each other and also Brian, the son of Felin; and Philip O'Reilly was given up to O'Donnell, to be detained and kept by him as a hostage for the observance of this peace, besides such others as he himself wished to demand. After this O'Donnell marched to Fenagh-Moy-Rein, whither MacRannall came to him. From thence he went to Annaly to assist the sons of Irial O'Earrell who were his friends and he spoiled and burned Annaly, excepting only that part of it which belonged to the sons of Irial, whom he left in power and might. He afterwards proceeded through Westmeath, and burned the castle-towns of Delvin, and all the circumjacent country. He remained for one night encamped in Cuircne, in Meath; and the Dillons and Daltons came into his house, and made peace with him.   

    Faghtna O'Farrell was slain by the son of Edmond, son of Hubert Dalton.   

    Fachtna, the son of O Fergail, was killed by Edmund son of Hubert Dalton   

    Maileachlainn, son of Brian, son of Edmund, son of Thomas Ua Ferghail, was slain by William the Rough, son of Maurice, grandson of Piers Dalton, and by Laisech, son of John Ua Ferghail, a month before Christmas, on Thursday, A.D. 1482.)   

    The Dalton, namely, Edmund, son of Piers Dalton, resigned his lord-ship to his own son, that is, to Thomas Dalton, this year.   

    The Dalton, i.e. Edmond, son of Piers, died.   

    The Dalton, namely, Edmund, son of Piers Dalton, died this year.   

    Margaret Dalton, daughter of Andrew Dalton, namely, wife of Ua Ferghail, that is, wife of Domnall the Tawny, son of Domnall, son of John, son of Domnall Ua Ferghail, died this year.   

    The wife of Dalton, namely, wife of Thomas, son of Edmund, grandson of Piers Dalton, went off with the son of Ua Mechair this year.   

    Nicholas Dalton, namely, son of Edmond, son of Piers Dalton, was slain by Fergus, son of Edmond, son of Laisech, son of Ros Ua Ferghail and by the descendants of Henry Dalton.   

    The Dalton, namely, Thomas, son of Edmond, son of Piers, son of another Piers Dalton, was taken and Henry, son of John, grandson of Piers Dalton, was slain about November Day by Conn, son of Art, son of Conn Ua Mael-Shechlainn and by Maelruanaigh, son of Ua Cerbaill.   

    The Dalton, namely, Thomas, son of Edmond, son of Piers Dalton, was liberated for 300 marks and for 14 score cows in pledge for the district of Baile na ngédh, by Conn, son of Art, son of Conn Ua Mail-Sheclainn and by the grandson of Ua Cerbaill.   

    Rory O’Melaghlan was slain at Clartha by Richard Dalton and his kinsmen in a nocturnal assault; and it was in the interest of Kedagh O’Melaghlan they committed this slaughter.   

    Source:  University College Cork   
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